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Product Type
Students struggle with finding affordable and personalized tutoring services, and educators have difficulty reaching a wider audience and monetizing their expertise.
Market Size & User Personas
There are millions of students in need of tutoring services, and educators, including retired teachers, subject matter experts, and college students, looking for opportunities to generate additional income.
EduConnect is a platform that connects students with affordable and personalized tutoring services offered by a network of educators. The platform also allows educators to create and sell their own course materials and resources.
MVP Features
Student and educator profile creation, search and match functionality, secure video conferencing tool, payment processing, course material creation and management.
Implementation Details
Web-based platform with mobile app integration, utilizing secure video conferencing technology and payment processing APIs.
Value Proposition
For students: affordable and personalized tutoring. For educators: opportunity to monetize expertise and sell course materials.
Pain Points to Solve
Lack of affordable and personalized tutoring, limited opportunities for educators to monetize their expertise.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online advertising, social media marketing, partnerships with educational institutions.
Revenue Stream Sources
Transaction fees for tutoring services, commission on course material sales.
Cost Structures
Development and maintenance of platform, marketing and advertising costs, payment processing fees.
Key Activities
User acquisition, platform development and maintenance, marketing and partnerships outreach.
Key Resources
Educator network, secure video conferencing technology, payment processing tools.
Key Partners
Educational institutions, payment processing providers, marketing agencies.
Competition Landscape
Other tutoring platforms, freelance tutoring services, online course marketplaces.
Competition Advantage
Affordable and personalized tutoring services, focus on educator empowerment.
Idea Validation Steps
Conduct user surveys, pilot program with a select group of students and educators, gather feedback and iterate on platform features.
Potential Business Challenges
Building a robust user base, ensuring quality and reliability of educators, competing with established tutoring services.