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On-Demand Beverage Delivery Service

food and drink
Product Type
A need for an efficient, convenient way for customers to receive their favourite drinks without having to leave the comfort of their own homes or offices.
Market Size & User Personas
Convenience-oriented consumers who usually shop for beverages in convenience stores, grocery stores and movie theatres. These persons are likely to be aged between 25-50, and usually have income greater than the median household.
Offer an on-demand beverage delivery service that allows customers to order beverages of their choice to be delivered to their homes or offices with a few easy clicks.
MVP Features
Mobile App/Web portal with user profile feature, store inventory of beverages, delivery tracking feature, payment processing, push notifications, customer loyalty rewards, in-app offers & discounts.
Implementation Details
Mobile App/Web portal to be implemented as primarily HTML5 hybrid app to support Android/iOS/Web architecture. Having a backend proprietary closed source API for serving content.
Value Proposition
Provide customers with an easy and convenient way to purchase their favourite beverages without having to leave the comfort of their homes or offices.
Pain Points to Solve
Time consuming process of finding and collecting beverages of choice and waiting in queues for checkouts in convenience stores.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), promotional offers and discounts, surveys, events, advertisements, point-of-sale marketing in convenience stores, referrals from existing customers, offline banners and flyers.
Revenue Stream Sources
Delivery charges, tie-ups with convenience stores/grocery stores/movie theatres for discounts in the form of commission on beverages sold, advertisement fees from partnering companies, affiliate commission fees on referrals.
Cost Structures
Personnel cost, marketing and promotional costs, cost incurred for backend technology and development, cost of inventories from partner companies and vendors.
Key Activities
Manage orders and deliveries, ensure customer satisfaction, market offerings, deploy promotional offers and discounts, update and manage product inventory and logistics.
Key Resources
Working capital, personnel, technological resources, mobile app/web portal, contact list of loyal customers.
Key Partners
Convenience stores, grocery stores, movie theatres, beverage manufacturers, advertising agencies.
Competition Landscape
Other beverage delivery companies in the market in different countries.
Competition Advantage
Presence in more locations, more discounts and promotional offers, and competitive pricing.
Idea Validation Steps
First focus on local market and expand to rest of the country/globe on need basis. Conduct market research to gauge reaction of customers to the offering. Conduct surveys and feedback sessions with existing customers to validate the idea.
Potential Business Challenges
Ensuring customer satisfaction with delivery and trust building among customers. Generating strong brand loyalty. Ensuring continuous revenue stream in order to remain competitive.