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Product Type
Small and medium farms lack access to modern tools and technology, which limits their efficiency
Market Size & User Personas
SMB agriculture market with small and medium-sized farms that will benefit from the use of modern technology
Providing interactive screen technology that will enable farmers to monitor and manage their farms
MVP Features
A user-friendly interface, including a dashboard, analytics, alerts and notifications, and access to third-party data
Implementation Details
Cloud-based platform built on modern technologies, including AI and IoT
Value Proposition
Enhanced efficiency, improved yields and cost savings to farmers
Pain Points to Solve
Ease of use, cost, access to real-time data and transparency
Sales & Marketing Channels
Direct sales, ecommerce, agricultural trade shows, and networking with existing customers
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription-based access and sales of merchandise
Cost Structures
Flexible costs associated with development, maintenance, market assessment, and content creation
Key Activities
Product development, customer acquisition, support and customer retention
Key Resources
Software developers, sales and customer support staff
Key Partners
Vendors with experience in farming/agricultural tools and technology
Competition Landscape
Other companies offering similar products on the market
Competition Advantage
Easy-to-use user interface, lower costs, and reliable access to third-party data
Idea Validation Steps
Test with potential users, build minimum viable product, and launch beta version
Potential Business Challenges
Integrating third-party data, user adoption of new technology, and competition